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[plt-scheme] Cannot get DrScheme alpha 20/Quartz to run on OS X


I was able to get alpha19 for Quartz to run using precompiled 
binaries and the CVS source tree, but unfortunately, I deleted it, 
and DrScheme alpha20 does not run.


- there is no longer a precompiled Starter.app.tar.gz in 

- following the instructions,

     mzscheme -mvqL- setup.ss setup

does fail with a lot of error messages. In the above directory, a 
DrScheme folder is created, but it has no icon (no bundle bit set?).

MzScheme alone works, but I'd like to use DrScheme for development, 
and the X version doesn't run because I didn't manage to get X 
running on my machine either.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,