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[plt-scheme] Matlab-interface is open-source now.

Once upon a time, I decided that it would be a good idea to give
something back to the community. Since I invested so much time in that
matlab-interface I wrote, I decided to make it open-source (Lesser GNU
General Public License) and put it online.

If you are interested, download it from www.biont.org, put it into the
plt-directory and double-click on it or say to your shell something
like: "Setup PLT.exe" matlab-interface.plt
Then, follow the instructions of the automatic installer.

It runs under Windows and I bet my funny hat that it's easy to port to
Linux (just specifying other link-libraries). I'll help everybody who

To use it you need matlab and a c-compiler.


PS: Thanks everybody who helped me on the way, most notably Matthew
Flatt who answered so many of my questions.