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Re: [plt-scheme] 200alpha20

At 6:17 AM -0400 6/2/02, Paul Schlie wrote:
>Nice, any way to get MrSt/MrEd binaries pre-built for OSX on:
>  http://download.plt-scheme.org/binaries/pre-release/mac-osx/
>>  * MrEd (and, therefore, DrScheme) runs in Mac OS X (Quartz) well
>>    enough to be useful. Build it via `configure', which expects to use
>>    the developer tools supplied by Apple. In particular `configure'
>>    generates makefiles for a Quartz build now, instead of an X11 build.
>>    (Use --enable-xonx to get an X11 MrEd.)
>Thanks -paul-

Yes, we should now be able to set up automatic nightly builds of MrEd 
as well as MzScheme.

john clements