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[plt-scheme] AppleEvent question


	First, many thanks for the OSX native build. Very cool.

	I downloaded "Script Debugger" from Late Night Software to browse
application dictionaries by AppleEvent. This only helps so much; for example,
for the Finder:

eject: Eject the specified disk(s), or every ejectable disk if no
parameter is specified (from Finder items)
«event fndrejct» [«class obj »]  -- the disk(s) to eject

	I don't know how to divine more information about an application than
this. So, I assume the receiver is "FNDR", the event class is ... "OBJ ", and
the event ID is "EJCT". I think I've exhausted the combinations of these on
OSX, and I get the same obscure errors. I scanned through the Mz source, and
found that I should delve into AppleLand to find out more.

	When I get back to Indiana, I'll hit the web for more info on
AppleEvents; in the meantime, am I barking up the right tree?