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[plt-scheme] Adding a language


	I have, with a colleague, completed a Scheme->Forth compiler for a
subset of Scheme (lambda, letrec, let, begin, if, and a handfull of primitives,
off the top of my head). This is mostly useless, except a small Forth
implementation exists for the LEGO Mindstorm, and it saves me implementing
a Scheme runtime for the RCX at this moment.

	What would be the "right" way to tie this into DrScheme?

 * Is it an extention of one of the languages built in to DrScheme? If so, I
need to expand the syntactic forms in those languages to my core language
before compilation, and add some primitives to the language for things like
turning on motors, etc.
 * Is it a new language? If so, what should I use as my model for
implementation? The Algol60 implementation? Given that my language is,
by-and-large, Scheme, this seems like the wrong model. The teaching languages
seem closer, but again I'd want to leverage the "provide-and-document" work
that has already be done, and I would need to replace the "back-end" of these
 * Is it a teachpack?
 * Is it a tool?

	I can also envision several solutions for getting the code to the RCX,
but will deal with that after the front-end has been implemented.


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