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Re: [plt-scheme] The same macro problem

On Fri, 24 May 2002, Matthew Flatt wrote:

> > For me, I would like to have hygienic macros for typical tasks (I always
> > try to use them first) and low level define-macro tools which allow me
> > to do anything I like (even if I cheat sometimes with them) - e.g.
> > as transformer procedures, which I could put in define-syntax instead
> > of syntax-rules.
> Just to make sure we stay on the same page: Eli's issue is not about
> hygiene versus non-hygiene. It's about the phase separation between
> compilation and execution.
> Matthew

Right, I was probably unclear.  One of the applications I am using
Scheme for is embedding experimental languages in it.  Some of them
process "programs" during evaluation time and should expand macros
by themselves.  In simple cases I use syntax-rules, in more complicated
I write low-level macros by hand -- in practical tasks like that they
are much simpler than syntax-case (and much smaller).