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Re: [plt-scheme] AppleEvents found...

At 11:04 PM -0500 5/23/02, Matt Jadud wrote:
>	I needed to send that last message so as to find the answer both on
>Google and in the online docs just after sending it...

A side note about apple events in OS X mzscheme, for those who use 
them; Apple events are available only in the '-enable-quartz' build 
of mzscheme, even though both this and the unflavored build are 
command-line tools only.  The problem is that I simply can't seem to 
make a mzscheme library that includes Apple headers and X Windows 
headers.  So, if you want to use apple events under OS X, you should 
either call configure with '-enable-quartz' and build it yourself, or 
you should pester me to widen the number of pre-built binaries.

john clements