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[plt-scheme] Weird Interaction with X-Windows Font Server?

I've just updated from Alpha12 to Alpha19, and now I find that DrScheme
is quite slow to start under Linux.  Here's what I observe:

1.  The splash screen comes up, and the status bar rapidly fills from
left to right.

2.  A long delay follows (around 2 - 3 minutes).

3.  The new icons (HTDP, EOPL, etc.) are added to the splash screen.

4.  DrScheme's window comes up.

At this point, everything works fine.

I've verified this does not happen under my Windows build of the same
CVS revision.

I traced (strace and ltrace) MrEd during the DrScheme startup to see
if I could find any clues.  It seems to be a problem where DrScheme
looks up all available fonts, which for some reason is causing the X
Font Server to drop to a slow crawl.

Once the font list has been read and sorted, it takes off again and
everything is fine.

Has anyone else seen this?  I'm wondering if I just have some kind of
bad configuration of my X (though it's never been a problem before.)