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[plt-scheme] Binary file access


I am working on saving data to files using DrScheme v103.
I need to save data like C or Java usually does.
For example, if I want to save the 2000000000 value to a
file, I don't want DrScheme to save 10 characters, each
character being one of the digit. I rather want it to save
the value with the 32bit integer value, so on 4 bytes - I
work on files used by non-Scheme applications.

I searched in the HelpDesk but could not find anything
related to this
kind of binary file use.
I cannot find the right keywords to have the related
functions names.
I know that it should be possible to overpass this by
analysing my integer value and splitting it to 4 character
codes (0->255), but it is tedious.

Are there some primitives or libraries to do the job?

Thank you,

Sylvain Beucler

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