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Re: [plt-scheme] assertions and the learning of macro-fu

--- Don Blaheta <dpb@cs.brown.edu> wrote:
> >  (require "stx.ss" "syntax")
> What is this?  

Probably meant to be (require (lib "stx.ss" "syntax"))
which definitely does exist in v200

> > Another solution would be to compare `not's
> symbolically, ignoring
> > lexical bindings. That might be appropriate in
> this case, because `not'
> > isn't in an expression position (unlike `else' in
> `cond').
> I still don't understand what is meant by
> "expression position" here.

Maybe operator position would be clearer.  The first
part of an sexpr that is evaluated to yield on a
function that is apply to the rest of the sexpr

  (operator operand ...)


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