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Re: [plt-scheme] schemeunit and require-library

hi Sebastian,

thanks for your help: that fixed it! i had already tried the 'require'
form, but didn't notice the schemeunit subdir.

as i'm sure you already know, instead of moving the directory
one can write:

(require (lib "assert.ss" "schemeunit" "schemeunit"))

i'm using this, because, this way, if other people use my code they
don't need to move files around, just install the .plt file.

again, thank you very much for your help.

best regards,

Sebastian H Seidel <Sebastian.H.Seidel@hno.med.uni-giessen.de> writes:

> Hi again,
> In my reply to your message, that was unclear:
> > - Move the directory collects/schemeunit/schemeunit to
> > collects/schemeunit.
> What i really mean is:
> - Replace the directory collects/schemeunit with its subdirectory
> collects/schemeunit/schemeunit.
> Propably, you've already figured that out right.
> Sebastian