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Re: [plt-scheme] scheme unit/sig (fwd)

> I'am not sure whether this is a stupid idea, but if it was possible to still
> have send/suspend in various places in your code and the webserver would not
> store the whole continuation but just a declared state (i.e. the state of the
> controller which might be as little as a handful of variables), that would
> still allow a similar (the same?) design and be from an aspect of resources
> much cheaper.
> 									Thomas

In an implementation that implements continuations with continuation-passing
style, the size of the continuation not necessarily any larger than what you
would build by hand (unless you forget something by hand :-).

The continuation stores
  - lexical bindings, analogous to the declared state except it's implicit
  - a code pointer, which is needed if your program has more than one
    resumption point and doesn't take much space anyway given that the
    program is already on the server.