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Re: [plt-scheme] Slow scheme_basic_env on Win2000

At Mon, 13 May 2002 13:46:37 +0200, "Mickael Gasrel" wrote:
> I have a big performace problem: the call to scheme_basic_env() takes 12
> seconds on a PIV system withWin 2000 (or XP)!
> It seems that the problem comes from the GC init but I don't know what to do
> to make it run faster.
> Notice that this problem does not happen on Win NT 4.
> Is there a way to turn off the GC ?
> Is there something special to do on  Win 2000 ?

I've never heard about this problem before.

This is version 200alphaX? (If not, is it possible to upgrade?) If so,
can you use scheme_set_stack_base(), and does it help?