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[plt-scheme] schemeql install problems

I've got a couple of questions re the install on plt200 alpha 12 of schemeql-0.03.plt. I installed (on win98) by double clicking the .plt file and it installed to a schematics subdirectory of the main plt directory. When I tried (require (lib "schemeql.ss" "schemeql")) I get an error saying collection not found.
So the first question is can DrScheme be configured to look anywhere other that the collects directory for libraries?
So I tried moving the schemeql directory to the collects directory and tried again. I got another error since srpersist could not be found. I had a look at the docs in the schemeql directory and it seems that srpersist is needed, but I'm abit confused about where to get it. 
I can't find a srpersist.plt file that will install on the latest alpha. The only one I can find is for plt103. But then again the readme that comes with schemeql says that schemeql  will only work with plt 200 aplha 3 and higher.
Anyone had similar problems?