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Re: [plt-scheme] Documentation System

--- MJ Ray <markj@cloaked.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> What's doxygen?  Let me guess...
> Some of us are working on schemedoc and an
> under-documented version for
> release 103 is at schematics.sf.net -- Noel, what's
> the situation on this? 
> Is the schemedoc-ia for 200 I sent you as unusable
> as I thought?  ;-)

Actually I think its a very nice simple solution. 
Much simpler than the macro expansions I've been
working on.  That said it's only an 80% solution so
I'm hoping to merge the two Real Soon Now and get the
first release out the door.

My current version of SchemeDoc does the following:

- Extracts comments from files
- Does preprocessing to transform into Xexprs (XML as
- Partial implementation of Xexprs -> HTML

So it's pretty close to being finished.  I took a
detour implementing SRFI-1 to get the sets-as-list
code that I want for the Xexprs -> HTML transforms.  I
just forgot to implement the transforms once I'd done

Anyway, MJ has done some nice Xexpr -> HTML code so
with a bit of tweaking it should be done.

The only problem is it's in 3rd place on my Scheme
to-do list.  If someone lights a fire under my arse
it'll get done sooner.


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