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[plt-scheme] Embebed Mzscheme

Hi all,

Following the manual "Inside MzScheme" I've passed the example
in the first pages just to test if embebeding mzscheme is fine in
my PC... (I mean, if configs are ok) and I've found out that they
are not. After compiling DrScheme to get libmzscheme.a and
libmzgc.a as mentioned in the manual I've added
/usr/local/plt/lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH and ran ldconfig as root.
Then I've tried to compile scheme.c (the file containing the
example) and I get:
bash-2.05$ gcc -o scheme scheme.o -lmzscheme -lmzgc
/usr/i386-slackware-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -lmzscheme

This is indeed strange.
However if I try to solve this by creating symbolic links to:
libmzscheme.a, libmzscheme.la, libmzgc.a, libmzgc.la I get a LOT
of undefined reference... I've pasted a few:
/usr/local/lib/libmzscheme.a(number.o): In function `exp_prim':
/home/pdestroy/src/plt/src/mzscheme/src/./number.c:1375: undefined reference to `exp'
/usr/local/lib/libmzscheme.a(number.o): In function `log_prim':
/home/pdestroy/src/plt/src/mzscheme/src/./number.c:1376: undefined reference to `log'
/home/pdestroy/src/plt/src/mzscheme/src/./dynext.c:235: undefined reference to `dlopen'
/home/pdestroy/src/plt/src/mzscheme/src/./dynext.c:237: undefined reference to `dlerror'
/home/pdestroy/src/plt/src/mzscheme/src/./dynext.c:251: undefined reference to `dlsym'

The other are similar to this one. Anyway, I'm running slackware
8.0, DrScheme 200alpha12 and plt was installed to /usr/local/plt

Any ideas?

Best regards,

Paulo J. Matos : pocm(_at_)rnl.ist.utl.pt
Instituto Superior Tecnico - Lisbon    
Software & Computer Engineering - A.I.
 - > http://www.rnl.ist.utl.pt/~pocm 
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		So, He wrote it all in Lisp!