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[plt-scheme] MZScheme on Mac OS


I'm planning to use MZScheme as a back end for a larger, long-living 
real-world application for Mac OS 9 and OS X. I don't think that 
MacOS X might be a problem, but what about OS 9 - will it be 
supported by future versions (version 200) of MZScheme?

Also, for various reasons I'd like to use OS 9 as primary development 
platform, and so I wonder wether there will be a OS 9 version of 
DrScheme 200?

Third, if the answer to the last question is "No", would it be 
possible to develop MZScheme applications in version 1.3 and port 
them to 2.0 or are there significant changes between the MZScheme 
language of version 1.3 to 2.0?

Thanks in advance for any answers, and my congratulations to the Plt 
team for their continuing great work and support!

Best regards,

Erich Rast