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Re: [plt-scheme] Re: webserver and print-struct

Hello all

I finally got it to work (printing structures in the web-server that is).

It was a question of rereading the manually very carefully.

The manual says:

    ... , but the vector exposes only as much information about the
structure as the current inspector can access (see section 4.5).

Thus the problem was that the inspectors were behaving differently in
DrScheme and in the web-server.
(I can't figure out why.)

All I had to do was to change
    (define-struct entry (name date contents))
    (define-struct entry (name date contents) (make-inspector))
in order to make everything work.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

[By the way - I can't get the launcher to work in winXP - but maybe they're
not supposed to?]

Jens Axel Søgaard