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RE: [plt-scheme] Re: posting restricted to subscribers

> I have a private and a work e-mail.
> Is it possible to post to two adresses, but only recieve on one?

With the majordomo listserver being used for plt, this would have to be set
up by the administrator, I think.  From
http://www-uclink.berkeley.edu/major/major.faq.html, in section 3.13:

>  2. the restrict_post header can be extended.
> The typical way to do #2 is to set restrict_post to:mylist:mylist-nomail
> Then, create a configuration file and password for "mylist-nomail", but DO
> NOT create any aliases. (If you use something like mj_build_aliases, then
> don't set the owner)
> The moderator, or subscribers may then subscribe themselves to this second
> list. Subscribers to the -nomail list will then be allowed to post to the
> first list, but won't receive duplicate copies of the first list.

If something like that were set up, then the multi-address crowd wouldn't
have anything to complain about, and messages from invalid addresses could
be bounced without guilt... :)