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[plt-scheme] Re: posting restricted to subscribers

At Thu, 2 May 2002 14:01:08 -0400, John Clements wrote:
> At 5:49 PM +0000 5/2/02, MJ Ray wrote:
> >Matthew Flatt <mflatt@cs.utah.edu> wrote:
> >>  Depending on how many mail accounts you use, this could be a pain
> >
> >You only hold posts from non-subbers for approval, I hope?  Bouncing emails
> >is a pet hate of many.
> I disagree with this suggestion, on two counts:
> 1) holding posts for approval means that someone has to go through 
> them all and make a decision on each one.  Who will this be?

Right now, it goes to me. After having to approve John's message
(explicitly against John's wish!), I'm less happy with the idea.

> 2) when send mail with an incorrect return address to a mailing list 
> and I get a "held for approval" message, I can't just fix the problem 
> and re-send the mail, because then if the e-mail is approved you get 
> two copies of the message floating around.  I would much rather just 
> get the bounce.

This seems like a good argument to me.

Nevertheless, I'll leave things as bounce-to-list-owner for now, and
we'll see how it works. Maybe the admins here will consider upgrading
the mailing-list software.