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Re: Web server questons


On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, MJ Ray wrote:

> Kirill, are you going for "prevalence" (or whatever it is called for scheme)
> here?  This is another thing on my research todo list.
My idea may be roughly described as a main memory XML (SXML, more precisely)

> Paul, yes, someone could kill -9 the server, but if they do that, they'll
> just have to accept some data loss.  Can we catch other signals, though, and
> shut down gracefully on a SIGTERM (and maybe sync to disk on a SIGUSR1)?  I
> can't seem to find the right part of the manuals, if it's there.
I like this idea.

In addition, a function may be provided (protected carefully!):

 From Web Server Embedding Interface doc: 
"The result of invoking serve is a function of no arguments that shuts down 
the server"
 Is it possible to call a similar function from a servlet (with due security 
precautions taken)?

 BTW: a similar functions for servlets reloading (and especially selective
one - to load just the servlets specified) may be useful also, as well as 
a passwords reloading function.  
 Best regards,