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Re: Web server questons

At Thu, 25 Apr 2002 23:26:41 +0400 (MSD), Kirill Lisovsky wrote:
> Hello!
> 1. What it the best way to use byte-compiled servlets?

You can use mzc to byte compile any .ss file.  If (most of) the code is
in a collection, you can create an info.ss file, so setup-plt will compile
the collection.  Check help-desk for mzc and for info.ss.
> 2.                   ... to load a big Scheme library which has to be used
>  in different servlets? 

Put the big library in a module.  Actually, the module won't be reloaded if
you change it.  This can be a problem.  I'll see if I can fix that.

> 3.                  ... to load a bulk of Scheme data in RAM and access it
>  from multiple servlets?   
>   Is it possible to save it before server shutdown?
Same as 2.  Functions are data, too :-)

> 4. Would you be so kind to post a comprehensive list of docs on Web server?
> Where are a lot of them, and probably I'm unaware of some resources...
> Best regards, 
>          kirill.

The best places to look for now are
 a) the documentation the server serves by default
 b) the doc.txt file
 c) our ESOP 2001 paper at

Thanks for the interest,