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MrEd event handling


I have a question regarding the event handling in MrEd.
When I create a window and then resize it slowly or just
resize it madly alot of times my program gets bombed with
a long train of on-paint events for a while. I would like
to process always just the newest event in the queue and
discard/dispatch all other on-paint events that are
waiting the queue.
Also if I get an on-paint event it would be nice to find
out which region of my canvas has been damaged and needs
to be repainted.
Is there any functionality that does what I want to do or
somebody working on that problem ?
I would like to volunteer otherwise but I'am quite new to
mzscheme/MrEd so it would take me a while of reading and
understanding the code before my doing would not be life
threatening for the compiler ;-)

		Thanks alot and with kindest regards,

                                 Thomas Witzel