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module: How to specify indirect exports positively?

I'm using the module system very much now and came to a point where I
could not find a practical solution:

In module B i want to use some prefixed definitions from module A and
export these definitions with their original names. Propably, I could
do this like so:

(module B mzscheme
  (require (prefix a. A))
  (provide (all-from-except A 

... but this is a queer solution because

a) I want to provide no more than a third of the definitions of A
which would make specifying the non-exports a pain.

b) The provide-part of module B shall serve as a kind of "what can I
do with this module ?"-overview rather than a "what can I not do with
this module?"-overview to prevent proliferation of semicolon.

Is there any possibility to specify indirect exports positively?


(require (prefix <prefix-id> <module-id>)) has similar limitations but
that is currently no problem for me.