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Re: Is a Cow an Animal?

Pixel wrote:
>I've never had much luck with MrSpidey. Doesn't it have more precision than
>"sym" for symbols and "str" for strings? Can't it keep the real value
>(there's so many options...)

There's an "Accurate constant types" option in the "MrSpidey Analysis"
Preferences menu of DrScheme v103 that partly does what you want (for
symbols, not strings, apparently).

>> and doesn't even do a good job on the
>> structure hierarchy. When MrFlow comes on line, we will see what we
>> can
>> do for this.
>any info about MrFlow? google doesn't find much.

It's available in the CVS archive, for DrScheme v200, if people want
to give it a try.  Type simplification is not implemented yet though
(that's the next thing on my list), so don't be surprised if you see
huge types containing things like (union 1 1).