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Re: Dynamic updating

On Apr 13, Doug Orleans wrote:
> I assume you use namespace-defined? [...]  I guess what I'm saying
> is, I'd like to se your "defvar" definition...

I didn't move to v200 yet -- but it would be using
`namespace-defined?' when I do.

On Apr 13, Matthias Felleisen wrote:
> Eli, I must say this sounds like a very partial solution to a deep
> problem.

[There is this problem using the term `hack' that I constantly have,
and this is one of these cases...]

I couldn't agree more -- there are a lot of references made to old
objects so of course it is partial.  Even going over the code and
deciding what to turn to a defvar was not trivial, and still when I
have some deep changes there is no way but to restart.  I don't think
that there is any easy solution, definitely not this simplistic.

The point of doing that was that it covers a lot of simple code
changes so it makes things easier.  For deeper changes to the running
server I have a backdoor evaluate-any-expression thing, but it's just
easier to restart.

(BTW, it is a very insecure approach, but nobody tried to break in,
and when they do, well, the risk is still low since they're not likely
to know Scheme...)

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