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Logging in the PLT Web Server

I plan soon to migrate my "readscheme.org" web server to the v200 version (from the v103 version I have been using). One concern to me is the logging mechanism. With the v103 version, I have been piping the logs written to the the console into short programs that add a timestamp to each log and break up the log into files for each day, which I can process later.

With v200, it seems that the server always writes logs to a file. I haven't been running the server long enough, with enough traffic, but it seems that the server just keeps appending to this file. Am I missing something, such as a limit on the growth of this file, or a way to reset the file?

Also, given that I track usage statistics on my site, I would be interested in having the logs written into daily log files, or at least have the option to have the logs written stdout, so that I could continue piping these into my own programs as I am doing today.

Jim Bender