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Scheme on the Web?

Just for curiosity.

Anybody ever tried, or investigated the feasibility of making
a MzScheme plugin for the Web navigators?

Or, perhaps this has been tried and rejected for some reasons? Then
don't read the rest.

There might be some related work in the grey zone of Guile gurus, and
- as far as I remember - the OpenScheme (Erian Concept - people from
Nice) commercial implementation proposed a Netscape/IE plugin, but somehow
I dismissed all that, probably because of weak graphical support...

There was once upon a time the CURL project, but they went into money
making and the first idea of having a Scheme-based super-applet on a
navigator somehow went into oblivion.

There was (probably) some work based on the Java VM, and Kawa of Per
Bothner: Scheme  compiled to Java bytecodes, so in principle an ordinary 
applet could be used. But I don't like Frankensteinic products, although
Kawa seems to be a serious and nice initiative.


Anyway, another PLT family member, say Uncle NetScheme would be a great idea, 
if realized *well*, i.e.,

= multiplatform,
= with full graphical support (canvases and graphical objects, *and* interfacing
  widgets). An alternative to MrEd?
= with all the basic DOM support offered by the host, i.e., the possibility
  to interact with the document and with the navigator itself ŕ la JavaScript.
= with the appropriate security level.
= with the possibility to inline small programs. (I believe Tclets can do
  that as well)
= without memory management bugs...

Any comments? Any takers?
(If somebody does this inpired by my posting, I demand 4.9%, paid in beer).

Jerzy Karczmarczuk
Caen, France