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Re: srpersist

"dskippy@ccs.neu.edu" <dskippy@ccs.neu.edu> writes:

> INCDIR=/usr/local/include/mysql

I'm pretty sure you also need to include `/usr/local/include', or the
dir in which sql.h and friends live (you may use `locate sql.h' to
find out).

> i looked at the line that includeds sql.h and the comments above it says
> something about microsoft ODBC. i'm not running ms odbc so thought these
> lines should be included inside the #ifdef WIN32 but they are not.

No.  Any ODBC driver manager should provide those, and if you have
installed one, they are somewhere in your file system.  SrPersist
works like a charmed, the nasty part is getting the ODBC driver going.
If the one you are using comes with a `make test', or a mechanism to
ensure it is properly installed, and working, it won't hurt to give it
a try.

> anyone know what gives?

What flavor of Unix are you using? what ODBC driver? MyODBC, I
suspect, what ODBC manager: iODBC, or unixODBC?

Here's the start of a working Makefile for FreeBSD Current + MySQL
3.23.47 + MyODBC 2.50.39 + iODBC 3.0.5 (everything out of the box,
port installed):

| # change to ODBC version supported by driver manager                           
| ODBCVER=0x0250                                                                 
| # static library that implements driver manager                                
| DRIVER_MGR_LIB=myodbc                                                          
| DRIVER_MGR_LIB_AUX=iodbc                                                       
| # installation directory                                                       
| LIBDIR=/usr/local/lib                                                          
| # driver manager include directory                                             
| INCDIR=/usr/local/include                                                      
| MZC=../../bin/mzc                                                              
| CPP=gcc                                                                        
| CPP_FLAGS=-DODBCVER=$(ODBCVER)  \                                              
|         -DHAVE_CHAR -DHAVE_LPWSTR -DHAVE_WCHAR \                               
|          -I. -I../../include -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/local/include/mysql -c