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Re: Shootout Stuff

> Anyway, tastes differ, but presenting personal taste as global can be
> dangerous.  I'd prefer to have just ()s to deal with, rather than trying
> remember which brackets to use where, and there must be brackets to
> select code blocks.

Agreed. I was trying to state a personal impression, not a universal one.
However: I would hypothesize that it's the main reason people keep
inventing new languages--which then, over time, migrate toward Scheme. (I
was just looking at Perl 6 stuff last night. They're talking about
programmer-definable syntax!)

The issue isn't just parentheses--it's understanding the overall program.
Comparing Scheme to, say, Python or Ruby, it took me much longer to get a
feel for the *internal* construction of something like PLT Scheme's net
collection vs the Python/Ruby equivalent. That isn't a statement about
which implementation is better or worse--just a personal issue about seeing
the intended design.

Your mileage may vary.