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Re: Shootout Stuff

MichaelL@frogware.com <MichaelL@frogware.com> wrote:
> Having said that, Scheme has one down side: Scheme programs are harder to 
> read. Other languages give you much better visual cues about the structure 
> of the program; in Scheme you have to really work to see it.

Is this really true?  scmindent can give you some good visual cues on most
scheme programs (and my programs get piped through it many times).  It says
something about the normal readability that I can't find the obfuscated
scheme contest, although I thought it was at HUT.fi ;-)

> Content-Type: text/html; charset="us-ascii"

One copy is fine, thanks.  Your message is good, but I don't read it twice
in one sitting ;-)