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RE: scsh in PLT Scheme?


> Ahem, Matthew and I have been discussing synchronizing the FFIs
> between MzScheme and Scheme 48/scsh.  This would make sharing or
> jointly maintaining C client libraries between the two fairly easy.

Oops, I had the impression from your earlier message that this was an
old idea that had fallen apart.

> Moreover, the *C* part of scsh is actually fairly stable, and we
> expect it to remain that way.  We expect major changes in the Scheme
> code, though.

Well, then, let's synchronize that effort.  It would be Truly Cool if
the same code ran under S48 and PLT Scheme.  Of course, the module
systems will be different.

Are the S48 renaming macros going away (I hope)?

Looking through the scsh C code, there are a lot of S48_ C macros.  How
will those work in the merged FFI?  What will happen to PLT Scheme
scheme_ procedures? 

-- Paul