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RE: Scheme Relational Database Access SFRI (was: scsh in PLT Scheme?)

Might I suggest a review of a few already existing approaches?

>From a purely Functional perspective HaskellDB has some interesting ideas to
build from.


Allegro Common Lisp has a simple approach, built on ODBC, but may give some

And then there is the (oft-hated) Microsoft approach. From an
"Object-Oriented" approach, the new ADO.NET, especially the DataSet object
with its multi-table, join, sort etc. and the emphasis on XML as the
underlying data representation is an interesting starting point.


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> Subject: RE: scsh in PLT Scheme?
> > Maybe we need to create an SRFI for a database connectivity mechanism.
> >
> > What do you think it would need to include?
> >
> > Or, should we make something like Francisco's Scheme QL the layer we
> > want to work with, and write adaptors that connect it to various
> > databases...
> Francisco and I have briefly talked about writing a relational database
> access SRFI, using SchemeQL as a starting point.  The procedures in such
> an API would not mention ODBC at all.
> -- Paul