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RE: a new port of oleg's ssax xml parser to plt

> Folks, here's a thought.  The XML collection that is currently in the
> PLT distribution has two features:
> - it's already in use in several places
> - it's more lightweight than SSAX (my impression, anyway)
> It won't parse megs of data with speed, but it's great for generating
> Web pages, etc.
> Would people prefer to see both available?  SSAX for real projects, a
> simple XML collection (`lxml', say, for `lightweight XML') that is
> ideal for tasks like generating Web sites?  We would get rid of some
> layers of indirection currently in those data structures, perhaps.

What benefit is there to continuing the "lxml" collection?  My 2-cents,
I intend to use SSAX for everything, because I want to be able to seamlessly
"grow" into larger uses for the collection, rather than have to port
my applications over from "lxml" as my needs change.

As the whole "Web Services" movement expands, XML handling is becoming
more and more critical, and a fully compliant XML implementation and parsing
tool will be an important tool to allow construction of Scheme-based
web services.