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looking for web-server information

Hi, I'm trying to find some documentation about the web-server in PLT,
but haven't been able to find much.
I hoped there would be something at http://download.plt-scheme.org/doc/ -
perhaps in the libraries manual, but no dice. I've read collects/web-server/doc.txt
and also dug up the paper at http://www.cs.rice.edu/CS/PLT/Publications/#esop2001-gkvf
("Programming the Web with High-Level Programming Languages").
Could you please cite this paper and any other helpful documentation in
the doc.txt?
I'm using PLT 200alpha12. I'm pretty new to plt-scheme and I have
a bunch of questions. Is there anything like meta-point (find definition)
in DrScheme? Is there any other documentation for the PLT web server?
How are web-server URLs decoded? What are all the magic directories?
I can't seem to find any log file anywhere, so debugging my servlets is
very difficult. Where is it supposed to be created? I found (log-file-path ".web-log")
in configuration-table, but I can't seem to find any file with a name like that
anywhere in my web-server directory.
The example servlets are working ok for me. But I've tried running the example
servlets in DrScheme with the web-server teachpack loaded, but they don't
seem to work there at all. I'm still a bit confused - why does it return
SHARED and -6- in the following?
(shared ((-6- "Hello, Web!"))...