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[ShootOut] lists.scm

Couldn't find anything built-in that duplicates sequence or copy-list below,
surely there must be something though?
#!/usr/bin/env mzscheme -r

(define SIZE 10000)

(define (sequence start stop)
  (if (> start stop)
      (cons start (sequence (+ start 1) stop))))

(define (copy-list lst)
  (if (null? lst)
      (cons (car lst) (copy-list (cdr lst)))))

(define (head-to-tail! headlist taillist)
  (when (null? taillist) (begin
			   (set! taillist (list (car headlist)))
			   (set! headlist (cdr headlist))))
  (letrec ((htt-helper (lambda (dest)
		      (when (not (null? headlist))
			    (let ((headlink headlist))
			      (set-cdr! dest headlink)
			      (set! headlist (cdr headlist))
			      (htt-helper headlink))))))
    (htt-helper taillist)
    (values headlist taillist)))
(define (test-lists)
  (let* ([L1 (sequence 1 SIZE)]
	 [L2 (copy-list L1)]
	 [L3 '()])
    (set!-values (L2 L3) (head-to-tail! L2 L3))
    (set!-values (L3 L2) (head-to-tail! (reverse! L3) L2))
    (set! L1 (reverse! L1))    
    (cond ((not (= SIZE (car L1))) 0)
	  ((not (equal? L1 L2))	   0)
	  (else           (length L1)))))

(define (main args)
  (let ((result #f))
    (let loop ((counter (if (= (vector-length args) 0)
			    (string->number (vector-ref args 0)))))
      (when (> counter 0)
	    (set! result (test-lists))
	    (loop (- counter 1))))
    (printf "~s~n" result)))
(main argv)

Bryn Keller
Senior Software Engineer