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RE: scsh in PLT Scheme?

Being able to interoperate (call and be called) with Microsoft .NET means
access to most of the functionality available on the desktop (since
Microsoft owns the desktop and .NET is where all their future investment is)
and at least half of the world of server functionality (since Microsoft also
owns more than half of that) (database, message queue, web services, email,

Interoperability is the key for application developers (such as myself),
especially since languages like Scheme cannot afford the investment that the
Microsoft development community puts in to "components".

As for Java, the issue is the same for the ABM (Anything But Microsoft)
world, and again the story is interoperability. The idea of being able to
instantiate Java objects and call their methods (JDBC, JMS, etc) and perhaps
call back to Scheme. (See JScheme, SKIJ (IBM).)


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> 2) Is it the best thing for you all to be spending your time on?

	What would be a Better Thing(TM)?

> 3) Have you considered working with (Microsoft) .NET?

	Is this the Better Thing(TM)?

> 4) Have you considered a Java interface?

	To what? From what?