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Macro in a servlet


	I have a module; in that module, is a macro. That macro is
intended to be used in a servlet. I'd like the macro to reference the
'initial-request' that comes in to the servlet. However, I currently find
myself passing the 'initial-request' to the macro, while I'd rather it was
pulled from the environment of the servlet.

	Currently, I'm doing something like

	(define-sytax (foo stx)
	  (syntax-case stx ()
	   [(_ ir blah blah)
	    ;; ^ my 'initial-request' variable
	     (more ((blah blah)
		    (ho hum))
		.... (do-stuff-with ir) ....))])))

in the module,  where '....' should not be confused with the pattern
variable '...'. Then, I require that module in the servlet,

(require (lib "servlet-stuff")
	 (lib "foo-module" "some-collection"))

(unit/sig () (import servlet^)
	(foo initial-request ....)

	I'd rather not pass in the initial request.

	Truly, the depths of my confusion are great.


(For those who are interested, this is related to the XML-RPC thread from
last week...)

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