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Re: Strong Typing, Dynamic Languages, What to do?

Hi guys -- calm down. This is all plain silly. 

1. A troll is a technical term. I am one on other newsgroups, and if
   someone called me that, I'd laugh it of. 

2. Ideally, science works like this: 

   A and B have read up on a topic and are more or less on the same plane. 
   - A puts up a conjecture. 
   - B works hard to shoot it down. 
   - A strengthens his argument. 
   repeat at now, until exhausted or A's conjecture is disproven

   A walks away with a better argument or we know that A's conjecture is
   false, which is also a contribution to science. 

   A must thank B for arguing in a "scientifically vicious" manner. 
   A must dislike B if B approves. 
PLT's goal, in the end, is science. It just takes a huge effort to engineer
our conjecture. We would like to see that people who attack (B's) have read
the basic lit so that we don't have to waste our valuable cycles restating
things that have been settled elsewhere. That's all. 

Back to work. 

-- Matthias