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Re: your mail

	These questions sound a lot like homework questions; given that I
can't verify the source of the hotmail.com address, I have no idea whether
the individual behind it is a Scheme user with a serious question, or a
student looking for someone to do their homework.

	I can't find a homework statement on Google, though, and I can't
find the email address or name. There was a similar post a few days back
on the same topic; considering the last message only had one line with
anywhere near correct spelling and grammar, I'd say these are budding
Schemers looking for an easy way out.

>i'm trying to writing a fonction with scheme that can convertir a string
>"in the past few weeks I've been investigating"
>to a list containing :
>("in" "the" "past" "few" "weeks" "i've" "been" "investigating")
>so i will be thinkfull if somebody have the solution.

Matt Jadud                            http://www.cs.indiana.edu/~mjadud/

On Mon, 25 Mar 2002, saly5 brown wrote:

> hi sebastian
> i'm looking to writing a program that take a list of char of the string
> "one line\n with many word\n\n and whitespaces\n"