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Re: Strong Typing, Dynamic Languages, What to do?

i believe sebastian (and correct me if i misenterpret) is implying
hipocracy in c++ type systems. templates are a part of the static type
system, yes, but they mimic dynamic typing so that c++ classes (and
functions) can achieve polymorphism. a hack (in my opinion) to the broken
c++ type system.

On Mon, 25 Mar 2002, Jerzy Karczmarczuk wrote:

> Sebastian H Seidel:
> > One word about types though: Why did C++ come up with 'templates' if
> > static typing would really be that great? Templates are used in C++ -
> > coded numeric libraries where speed is of much concern. So maybe it's
> > the compiler and algorithm that makes your program racing and not the
> > choice or lack of type-system.
> But templates are a part of *static* type system of C++, I don't
> understand at all what do you claim.
> Jerzy Karczmarczuk 
> Caen, France