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A beginner interjects

There are few better ways of learning than looking on as a few 
heavy-hitters go for it.
This list have been notable for its VERY high signal noise ratio 
(comparable to c.l.python in my view). I have received email from some of 
the experts on this list, helping me understand some constructs. I was very 

I do, however, get a nuance of flame-war in the recent exchanges over type 
safety eliding to GC eliding to TheNextControversialThing. In c.l.python, 
every now and then, the whitespace war erupts. Experts (Tim Peters, Guido 
etc etc) are now silent on this issue. Not to suggest for a minute that 
whitespace is an issue of the same order of magnitude as type systems...(or 
vice-versa ;)

Back to stopping my head exploding...