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Re: Strong Typing, Dynamic Languages, What to do?

Oscar Fuentes wrote:

> > Anyway, I don't think I or anyone else here is saying anything you
> > don't know.
> I was expecting to hear something I don't know.

Depends on how much listening you're doing (-:.  Have you studied TIL?

> Systematically, the claims made about C++ from the lispy field sound
> as disinformed on the ears of C++ programmers (a kind of "they don't
> understand us. They say this is bad when in fact we know about it and
> made a conscious decission of living with it") 

What matters is not how they sound but how informed they are.  I
daresay very few people on this list have not been subjected to the
tyranny of C/C++/Pascal/....  A good many of us spent several years in
the wilderness before we found functional programming / safe languages
/ garbage collection / etc.  So of course we understand C++
programmers.  We just got tired of living that way.  It seems like
wishful thinking on the part of the C++ community to not stop and
ponder this point.