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Re: your mail

there is a regexp library called pregexp that includes a regexp split
function. i also wrote a function to do this before pregexp.ss was in plt
scheme (or before i knew it existed) that (less efficient) version is
available from my webpage (http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/dskippy) but i
recomend you use 
  (lib "pregexp.ss"))
(pregexp-split " " "hello world") =>
("hello" "world")

oh and if this is not in v103 (and you're using v103) then you can
probablly get the pregexp lib seperatly.

On Sun, 24 Mar 2002, ME ElasMario wrote:

> hello
> i'm trying to writing a fonction with scheme that can convertir a string 
> like
> "in the past few weeks I've been investigating"
> to a list containing :
> ("in" "the" "past" "few" "weeks" "i've" "been" "investigating")
> so i will be thinkfull if somebody have the solution.
> sam
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