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Re: Mac OS

At 12:24 PM +0100 3/22/02, Thierry Duvignac wrote:
>Hi all,
>I 'm writing a 3D modeling application for Win32 and Mac OS platforms.
>It's written with C++ and MzScheme is used as an embedded script language.
>For portability between MacOS 9 and X, I'm using only carbon libraries.
>I read there is a carbonized version of  DrScheme (with GUI, 
>debugger, ...) which is in-progress, so I wonder whether an usable 
>carbon version of mzscheme (without GUI, ...) will be soon available 
>(even in alpha version).

I'm starting to get the feeling you're hoping someone other than me 
will answer your questions :)...

The status on ... well, nearly everything MacOS-related is more or 
less the same; v200 will not be distributed with any Mac support at 
all, though the pre-release versions will still be available.  The 
Mac versions will come later.

However, even this later support will probably not give you what you 
want. In particular, we do not now have any plans to produce a 
strictly carbonized version of DrScheme or MzScheme; that is, we will 
provide an OS X native version, and a Classic version, but neither 
one will be strictly carbon.  In the case of the OS X version, this 
is because it will contain lots of UNIX system calls which are not 
present in Carbon-on-Classic.  In the Classic version, it simply 
won't be carbonized.  The major obstacles to producing a Carbon 
version have to do with the TCP/IP stuff.  That's a bit vague, I know.


john clements