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>Thanks, but I'll use the advogato test services to compare against it
>because I can read the code and play with the code on a local server if I
>need to.  Free Software is a good to learn from ;-)

I agree, free software is good to learn from. So is software with source code. Radio Userland ships with source for all the xml-rpc and soap parts of it's code as far as I'm aware which can be modified as desired. It's been quite useful for me for testing my own (open source) xml-rpc implementation in Dylan. 

Anyway I wasn't pushing Radio Userland, merely mentioning another XML-RPC service you can call for testing an XML-RPC client implementation. When writing my own implementation I had a difficult time finding services to test against. Most seemed to be just clones of the various Userland testing or interop servers at the time. That situation has changed now though.


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