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>I only want it to update my advogato diaries as a test, to be honest.  I'm  
>falling through the rabbit hole looking at all the things xmlrpc can do,

If you're looking for another service to test with you can take a look at:


This contains a description of some XML-RPC web services I threw together that provides information on races currently running at the New Zealand TAB. Also:


Hopefully you can decode the 'Radio Userland' XML-RPC invocation to what you need to pass to whatever PLT Scheme XML-RPC implementation you use.

The server for the XML-RPC implementation is Radio Userland 8 (http://radio.userland.com) which in turn talks to a server written in a combination of Smalltalk and Dylan which provides real time racing information on NZ races. I'm looking at how I can use PLT Scheme to implement some of the new dynamic functionality for this system.


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