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Case sensitivity in modules?


	Why was Scheme made case insensitive in the first place?

I have a module

(module modtest mzscheme
  (provide foo bar)
  (define foo (lambda () (equal? 'hello 'hello)))
  (define bar (lambda () (equal? 'hello 'Hello)))

I expect (foo) -> #t and (bar) -> #f when running with case sensitivity

So, I fire up MzScheme (200a12) with 'mzscheme -g'

Welcome to MzScheme version 200alpha12, Copyright (c) 1995-2002 PLT
Identifiers and symbols are initially case-sensitive.
> (equal? 'hello 'Hello)
> (require "modtest.ss")
> (foo)
> (bar)
> (equal? 'hello 'Hello)

	Putting a (read-case-sensitive #t) in the module doesn't seem to
convince it that I want it to be case sensitive. I have read of the PLT
Language Manual concerning modules (5.8) and am at a loss as to how to
cajole my module into being a more sensitive partner in my programming.


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