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Final CFP: MTV'02 deadline on March 25

                          Call for Papers


            Microprocessor Test and Verification (MTV'02)

                 June 6-7, 2002, Austin, Texas, USA



Submission deadline: March 25, 2002

Sponsored by: IEEE Computer Society Test Technology Technical Council   
General Chair: Magdy S. Abadir (abadir@ibmoto.com), Motorola 
Program Chair: Li-C. Wang (licwang@ece.ucsb.edu), UCSB 

Areas of Interest:
 -Validation of microprocessors 
 -Experiences on test and verification of high performance processors 
 -Test/verification of multimedia processors 
 -Performance testing 
 -High-level test generation for functional verification 
 -Emulation techniques 
 -Silicon debugging 
 -Formal techniques and their applications 
 -Verification coverage 
 -Test generation at the transistor level 
 -Equivalence checking of custom circuits at the transistor level 
 -Circuit level verification 
 -Switch-level circuit modeling 
 -Timing verification techniques 
 -Path analysis for verification or test 
 -Design error models 
 -Design error diagnosis 
 -Design for testability or verifiability 
 -Optimizing SAT procedures for application to testing and formal verification