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Re: Debugging servlets

Use the servlet.ss teachpack to develop your servlet within DrScheme.
To do this, select the servlet.ss file from the Add Teachpack menu item under
the Language menu.  This provides send/suspend and friends to the definitions
window.  When you're happy with the servlet, slap a unit/sig around it
as described in the web-server collection's doc.txt file.
Using the teachpack provides source hilighting of errors as in our paper.


> Hello all,
> 	Are there any tips/tricks for developing servlets? That is, is the
> interface provided by the servlet teachpack simlar/equivalent to that
> described in "Automatically restructuring programs for the Web"?
> 	If I'm developing w/o DrScheme, are there any hints to debugging
> servlets, or should I really try and have DrScheme running as my
> development environment? (That is, I'm using Emacs and 200a12 on OSX)
> 	Thanks,
> 	Matt
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